The fields of commercial and corporate law occupy the largest scope of advisory law, while in court practice they occupy a large part with interesting jurisprudence. A modern phenomenon is the alternative ways of resolving disputes (arbitration and mediation) that are constantly gaining more ground in resolving commercial and corporate disputes and our office is following this dynamic.

In VP Law our opinion is that the lawyer should promote and not discourage business activity and this is exactly what we offer to our customers, the absolute legal information about the business environment they want to be active and the security that we are there for them 24 / 7.

We put our customers’ ideas into action and their actions into successful business ventures.

VP Law provides a complete service package to every company and business with additional accounting support from associate economists, accountants and tax experts.

Our job is to act for entrepreneurs and investors. We set up companies, we advise on the types of companies according to the customer’s needs, the preparation of corporate documents, corporate transactions, their financing, the settlement of their debts, the negotiation of other banking products and generally legal support on a daily basis. even by providing an internal lawyer to their businesses.

Our specialty in VP Law is the establishment of companies by foreign natural or legal persons, while we have special know-how for the formation of joint ventures.

We help businesses comply with the law or any changes to it and draw up protocols and operating regulations.

We are business consultants in acquisition, merger and other corporate transformations, as well as in consolidation, debt reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings by participating in negotiations with creditors, in drafting sustainability studies and in drafting final agreements.

In addition, we undertake licensing for the operation of businesses, such as health stores, tourist accommodation and other tourism businesses (car rental business, tourist office, rental of a vehicle with a driver’s license).

We have specialized knowledge and experience in private and public tenders for public works, supplies and services. We undertake the preparation of the tender dossier and the legal support during the stages of evaluation and award of the tender (appeals, tensions), the signing of the final contract and the completion and delivery of the project.

At VP Law we fully understand the need for business financing and for this reason we are always by the side of our customers and offer them innovative and responsible financing solutions. We cooperate with all commercial systemic banks in Greece and participate in the formation of an appropriate banking product. We draw up private financing agreements while our office has experience in the inclusion of companies in subsidized programs (NSRF) and in investment programs with parallel benefits.

VP Law adheres to the needs of modern markets and is able to legally support the introduction of companies in major and alternative markets. The introduction of a company in the markets of the Athens Stock Exchange is a decision of strategic importance for all companies regardless of the financial sector. More and more Greek companies with well-structured and corporate governance, with international orientation and innovative applications are seeking funding outside of bank lending, fame and recognition, and are even preparing to enter major and secondary markets in the Athens Stock Exchange.


  • Establishment of companies by domestic and foreign persons
  • Drafting of articles of association and shareholders’ contracts
  • Opening a bank account
  • Offshore companies
  • Start ups
  • SPV
  • Legal advice for compliance with tax, labor, insurance legislation
  • GDPR compliance
  • Transfers of shares and corporate shares
  • Due diligence
  • NSRF
  • Competitions
  • Corporate Transformations – Merge – Absorptions – Separations – Disintegrations
  • Consortia
  • Employee contracts
  • Business rescue and consolidation (pre-bankruptcy proceedings)
  • Debt restructuring
  • Bank loans
  • NPL
  • Bankruptcy and creditor-debtor agreements
  • Bitcoin, crypto
  • Athens Stock Exchange, Main and Alternative Markets, Negotiable Mutual Funds, Complex Financial Products