Our extensive experience in the real estate market has distinguished us in a highly competitive market in Greece over the last decade with collaborations with manufacturers and brokers in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Athens and the Cyclades. We specialize in all matters relating to all types of residential, commercial, land plots: transfers, investments, exploitation of residential and commercial real estate, construction and development of real estate, drafting of contractual contracts, legal securities, long-term follow-up and construction in reverse. , commercial real estate leases, real estate leasing, sale and lease back contracts, real estate financing, real collateral. Licensing of tourist accommodation and issuance of a Special Operation Signal for special categories of real estate. While our specialized partners provide services for the taxation of real estate and any form of their exploitation.

VP Law handles cadastral cases and large expropriation cases, while advising on complex real estate sales on issues involving the acquisition of foreign natural or legal persons, border areas, forest areas, acquisition titles based on usufruct or special legal status on islands.

In recent years we have been very active in real estate as a means of investment to obtain a residence permit for foreign nationals of third countries (golden visa) with private investors and entrepreneurs from around the world, but mainly from Russia, China, America and India and cultivate partnerships with respectively offices in these countries.

Finally, we negotiate with companies that acquire and manage receivables that have secured non-performing loans (NPL) while we consult on the legal status and operation of Real Estate Investment Companies.

  • ShoppingInvestment properties
  • Residential properties
  • Remuneration with compensation
  • Contracts
  • Professional real estate leases
  • Short-Term Leases (Airbnb, Booking)
  • Real Estate Investment Companies
  • EOT, ESL
  • Leasing, sale and lease back
  • Expropriations
  • Note mortgages
  • Real estate from non-performing loans